Friday, February 3, 2012

I am a salmon

I thought how boring to be a salmon but apparently one of the attributes of being a salmon is that you are never bored, which is true of me.  I have always so much to do and the little grey cells are always on overdrive!  Check out the quiz

What wild animal are you?
The Salmon
With a passion for creativity, you are never bored and like to look at life and situations in your life with a unique set of eyes. Your energetic and confident style allows you to get motivated about even the dullest of projects, and brings enthusiasm into the lives of others. People who identify with salmon like to live in the present, enjoying the company of many friends and ongoing activities. Although many may see you identify more with the free spirits of the world, you do set goals in your life that you follow through with, allowing you to feel as accomplished as you are.
To see more on Betty White's love for wild animals and places or sign up to help save wilderness, check out The Wilderness Society's web site:
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