Saturday, April 4, 2009

Is it a mushroom? Is it a hat? No, it's my pinwheel sweater!

Believe it or not this is going to be a sweater. It's fun and easy to knit. The Peruvian Highland wool came from Elan and the colour is malt heather.

My sister has finally announced that she is opening her own knitting store. How great is that! I have been promised serious discounts in trade for helping out in the store. The city I live in only has one knitting store and it is closing at the end of April. Her store will be called Laine de Bergère and will be located at 345A rue Main Gatineau Quebec. Can't wait for knit night.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Still kickin in 09

Wow I can't believe I started my blog in 2007 and well only blogged once! I love reading other peoples blogs especially pets (my sister Aline). I may have forgotten to blog but the knitting and sewing was getting done and I keep forgetting to take pictures of said projects before I give them away! Although my daughter did take pictures of the Christmas gifts I sent her. Hat, mitts, scarf and pajamas with her favorite animal on them, penguins.

At the moment I am working on a birthday gift, which should have been done this weekend but alas I don't really like the pattern and I am sort of dragging my heels. I also have in the queue 2 pairs of mitts for twins for their birthday which is Friday eek! I think I will just give them the wool and then take it back to knit the mitts.