Friday, October 10, 2014

Where has the time gone?

Spring and summer 2014 flew by so fast!  My garden this year was the best yet but I have only a few pics...

I will also include a couple of memories from 2013.  I must do better going forward.

backyard lilac 
lilacs beside the deck

more lilacs

I love these lilacs, when they bloom the scent is unbelievable.

lilacs on west side
Darwin tulips
Poonie's grave


St Francis and daisies
violas and chive




more lettuce

Had some great barbecues!

friend Jennifer and Parker barbecue 2013

friend Jennifer barbecue 2014

barbecued salmon

asparagus salad


geranium pot


Of course my dog Parker loyal companion ready and willing to accompany me no matter what I do.