Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mercy for Animals

I grew up on a farm where we raised animals to eat, but our animals were well treated.  No one was cooped up, they enjoyed eating bugs and grass in the fields.  Today our supermarket meat comes to us through the suffering of the poor animals.  Even our eggs are laid by abused hens.  I eat more vegan meals and try to buy meat and eggs from local farmers that take care of their animals unlike the massive corporate farms.
abused chicken from an egg producing farm

Above is a picture of a poor hen that has been adopted.  She needs a knitted sweater to keep her warm because she has lost many of her feathers.  The commercial below was produced by a non-profit animal rights group and hopefully helps to educate the public on the treatment of animals destined for our supermarket shelves.  Let us all strive to be vegan at least one day a week!

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Aline said...

poor wee hen! she looks good in her handknits. Thanks for sharing.