Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Moment

Have you ever had one of those moments when you realize you are exactly where you are supposed to be?  It happened to me this morning at 5:30am.  I was in the kitchen getting my lunch ready to take to work and I was standing in front of the kitchen window.  It had been raining, the air was cool and a breeze blew in through the open window bringing with it the heady scent of Lilacs.  The scent was so strong, I felt so strange and I realized this is where I was meant to be.  I took several deep breaths, I wanted the feeling to last, it was pure joy. 

I called my little house Lilac Cottage because the property is flanked on both sides by lilac bushes.  To my delight the bushes are just loaded with blooms.  I like to think the lilacs are happy I'm here and are putting on their best blooms!

I am not the only one intoxicated by the lilacs.  The bushes are a buzz with hummingbirds and bumblebees.

Another pic of my gorgeous Angelique tulips.

Irene encore.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


It has been a late spring but my tulips are finally blooming!  Most are scented too!

Tulip Irene   

Tulip Angelique

 I planted the bed on the front lawn so when I arrive home the first thing I see are my lovely tulips. Bliss.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Poonie in the dandelions

Poonie is so happy that winter is over!  She loves being outside and enjoys frolicking among the dandelions!

King Alfred Daffodil

The crocus were the first to pop their heads out, right through the snow!  There were yellow and lavender but I couldn't manage to get a decent pic of the lavender color.  I think I will buy more for next year, maybe the bigger ones as these were the tiny crocus.  Next came the daffodils which I have to say have been a bit of a disappointment.  I planted 25 and only 13 came up.  They were suppose to be a melange but so far they all look like the King Alfred variety..  There are 4 more to bloom so maybe they will be of a different sort.

These lovely geraniums were on sale for $1.49 each at the local hardware store.  They sit on the deck with the pansies eagerly waiting to be planted.

Rosemary my first herb for my new garden.  I will probably buy a couple more plants.  I just love the smell as it reminds me of my trip to Provence where there was so much rosemary you could smell it everywhere anytime there was a light breeze...

I have planted 3 kinds of peas; an early dwarf, dwarf snow pea and a  mid season dwarf.  I have one more type to plant a tall sugar snap which will go along the deck where it can climb.  I also planted a heritage spinach and a lettuce mixture.  Oh I just can't wait to pull that first pea of the vine.  Fresh peas are my favorite veggie, and they have to be eaten just picked or they don't taste right. Everyone should garden and grow some of their own food because the taste of home grown veg is well, out of this world.

Well here is bed #1, the pea and spinach bed.  Flanked by day lilies, rhubarb and iris which were already here, oh and a pile of rocks that I am slowly getting rid off.  I will perhaps plant some perennial herbs and flowers in the spot.  Please note the gorgeous yard you see beyond the fence belongs to my 77 year old neighbor who spends her entire days pruning and clipping.  My yard is in sad shape because the previous owners did not seem to do any yard work let alone have a garden!