Sunday, October 31, 2010

Autumn In Full Swing and Winter Nipping At Our Heels

Purchased these beauties from the farmer down the road.  The big one is a howden pumpkin   and the little one is a sugar baby destined for my favorite, pumpkin pie.
I bake my pumpkin, I find it the easiest way to cook pumpkin.  Just wash pumpkin, cut in a few pieces, add a bit of water in the bottom of a pan and bake at 375 for about an hour.  After it is easy to remove the skin and mash.

I am loving my little house, the move was not without a few glitches but I feel at peace here. I am further from work but most of the extra drive is in the country so the view is amazing. All the trees dressed in their best autumn colors, and after years of dreaming of planting fall bulbs I can finally plant some! I ordered the bulbs from Veseys an east coast seed company that carries the best seeds, plants and bulbs.

I chose a collection of scented tulips for the front yard beside the driveway so that when I step out of the car I can hopefully smell them.  I also ordered a gorgeous fuschia pink tulip called Barcelona, a collection of daffodils that promises 100 days of blooms!  Oh and more tulips and dutch irises,  all in all almost 200 bulbs!

When I said winter was nipping at our heels this is what Poupoune and I saw this morning when we went to go out the back door.  

The lilac bushes are covered with snow!  The snow will not last, it should all be melted by late afternoon but it will soon be here to stay.  I have found all my winter gear but the knits need a wash to freshen them up, I will do that today.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wishes do come true!

When I lost my house due to a bad divorce and had to move to the city to live in an apartment I had to give up my dog Rose.  For the time being she moved in with my aunt and uncle on their farm but as soon as I had my own house again Rose would come back to live with me.  My aunt and uncle took good care of Rose and loved her dearly.  I would visit Rose often and she never forgot me.  Unfortunately being able to afford a house by myself has taken me 12 years and Rose passed away 2 years ago.  I felt so very sad.  The day after I moved into my house my sister made me the most wonderful gift of her 8 year old Boston Terrier named Poupoune.  Not overly fond of the name but can't change it!  Poupoune has settled in quickly.  She suits me to a tee, she enjoys a vigorous walk but over all is not active dog.  She even seems to enjoy settling down on the couch with me and a snack while we watch Mystery on TV.

This is a view of the west side of my little cottage and my red car Poppy.  The huge maple tree has already lost all his golden leaves and I did not get a pic!

Gorgeous wine colored fall mums I picked up at the local grocery store.
This is my statue of St Francis who now sits on a real lawn instead of a tiny balcony.  Moving has been a lot of exhausting work.  I am still not all unpacked and still painting.  Hopefully the kitchen will be finished for Sunday as Poupoune and I are having guests over for Thanksgiving dinner.