Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wishes do come true!

When I lost my house due to a bad divorce and had to move to the city to live in an apartment I had to give up my dog Rose.  For the time being she moved in with my aunt and uncle on their farm but as soon as I had my own house again Rose would come back to live with me.  My aunt and uncle took good care of Rose and loved her dearly.  I would visit Rose often and she never forgot me.  Unfortunately being able to afford a house by myself has taken me 12 years and Rose passed away 2 years ago.  I felt so very sad.  The day after I moved into my house my sister made me the most wonderful gift of her 8 year old Boston Terrier named Poupoune.  Not overly fond of the name but can't change it!  Poupoune has settled in quickly.  She suits me to a tee, she enjoys a vigorous walk but over all is not active dog.  She even seems to enjoy settling down on the couch with me and a snack while we watch Mystery on TV.

This is a view of the west side of my little cottage and my red car Poppy.  The huge maple tree has already lost all his golden leaves and I did not get a pic!

Gorgeous wine colored fall mums I picked up at the local grocery store.
This is my statue of St Francis who now sits on a real lawn instead of a tiny balcony.  Moving has been a lot of exhausting work.  I am still not all unpacked and still painting.  Hopefully the kitchen will be finished for Sunday as Poupoune and I are having guests over for Thanksgiving dinner.

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Aline said...

That is perfect! Many more happy update posts to come.
You're a good at it.