Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Talking To Spiders

I drove up to Lilac cottage today planning to work but it is sooo hot, like 40C.  The temperature inside the house was tolerable, I opened the windows to let the air in, the house has been closed up for over a year.  I really didn't have a lot of time had to come to work early today, all week actually, blah.....  So I thought I would have a little talk with the current residents, the lovely, delicate, long legged spiders that have been squatting in Lilac Cottage.  I sternly informed them that I have bought the house and if they did not want to be squished or vacuumed up they better vamoose within the next couple of days.  I really don't want to squish them or vacuum them, maybe I'll collect them and carry them across the road and let them go in the forest.

I read in some Feng Shui book or article that one should have something like a windsock hanging in the front yard to bring good fortune to the home.  So the other day I went to the dollar store and for $1.25 I bought myself a windsock.  I hung it in the cedar tree and think it looks quite nice, hopefully the good fortune will show up soon.

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Aline said...

I envy your beautiful cedar tree! It reminds me of the big one at the farm gate where I spent a lot of time waiting to catch the bus...