Thursday, May 30, 2013


New front door
Finally front and back doors that were suppose to be installed early last fall are in!  I think they are gorgeous especially the front door.  I still have to paint the wood surround and the little porch but that will have to wait until the garden is all planted.  I can only do so  much...

Front door inside
Back door

Back door handle

Mr Leclerc and son installing the front door.

Old back door

Good riddance to this door!  There were large gaps top and bottom and the window no longer opened.

New bed of Darwin tulips blooming happily.

Poonie's grave
The yellow tulips above I placed on the grave of my beloved Poupoune that past away late last fall.

Double scented daffodils
Lilacs at the front of the house

Well that's all folks for today.  I will put up pics of the new garden hopefully next Monday which has been dug up using just a pitch fork!


Aline said...

the doors are gorgeous!!!! love that cedar trim. wow! Poonie's tulips are lovely. thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna
Enjoy reading your blog.What a peaceful way of life in that beautiful country! Are you finding time to weave? Jeannine