Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wheel of Fate

All things are transient and change at the whim of fate.  The wheel tells us to be sensitive to the ebb and flow of life.  With the loss of my beloved Poonie comes the appearance of a handsome gentleman that found himself without a home.  His story is similar to Poonies including the fear of men.  So yesterday I adopted a 3 year old male Boston Terrier.

His name is Rocco and his favorite place in his new home is curling up under the comforter on the couch.


Rocco spent the last two weeks in an adopted home with children and a big goofy dog.  The family found he did not fit in and needed a quiet home.  This he will find here and the poor guy was so exhausted he slept most of his first day in his new home.

Today he was rested and able to strike a pose.
We went for a walk in the woods which he just loved.  There were lots of new smells and sounds.  He is a very curious boy.  Once home he spotted several blue jays and a squirrel!

The afternoon included bone chewing and playing with toy elephant.

Tomorrow I go to work, hope he will be ok, alone all day.  It is nice to have him here and I feel good about saving him but my heart is still broken and what I wouldn't do to have Poonie back.

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