Sunday, January 23, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside!

This morning at 07:30 when Pounie had to go do her business outside it was -38 Celsius.  I was afraid to let her go out alone, so I donned my winter cloak and I carried Pounie outside in my arms (she was wearing her sweater but in this weather it is not enough).  I put her down and commanded PEE!  She did.  We quickly went back in and started the morning coffee.  What a cutie!

The old lilac tree with promises of purple blooms to come.

Last Monday it was bitterly cold as well and my car wouldn't start.  Had to have a neighbour boost the old battery.  So this week Poppy the car got a new battery and she started with no trouble today.  I let the car run for about 20 minutes.  I should be good tomorrow to go to work as I need money to buy seeds and plants.

Taking a longing look at where the future garden will be.

I imagine my poor old pot dreaming of the lovely flowers it will be holding in a few months, maybe some blue petunias and yellow nasturtiums.

Last fall I bought a down duvet at 70% off and a duvet cover at 50% off but so far I have kept my old comforter on the bed.  I thought this afternoon I must put my new duvet on the bed since it is so freakin cold.  I think it looks pretty nice.  Hopefully it's cozy too.

I have placed my small Ikea chair in the kitchen to take advantage of the sun, but someone has stolen my spot before I could make a cup of tea and sit down with the new seed catagues that have arrived.

chair hog

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Aline said...

Ah yes! I see Pounie is slowly taking over...
Your bed looks great. :)