Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kindness of Others

This is the south west corner of my backyard, first pic is now and second was taken in June when I first came to see the house.  When I moved in, there was an old metal doorless shed with a rotten floor in this spot.  I had the shed hauled away and this weekend ripped up the rotting floor.  There are also 3 small manitoba maples that had to be cut down.  You see my backyard is small and I want a garden more than anything.  I have waited 10 long years to garden again and finally this spring I will be able to dig into my own soil and plant.  The trees would also eventually interfere with my septic system so it was best to get rid of them.  I still have Cedric (large cedar in the front), another huge manitoba maple along the driveway and of course all the wonderful lilac trees I named the house after.

The problem about cutting down the trees is I have no chain saw and no one to do it.  So I went over to one of my neighbours and asked him if he knew anyone that I could hire to come and cut the trees down.  He said "oh I'll come and do it" and he went in the garage came out with his chainsaw and got to it!  Above is Martial cutting down the trees.

Not to be outdone my 76 year old neighbour on the other side had to come over and help too.  They both worked for free and Martial and I dragged all the branches to his backyard where he will burn them.  Country neighbours are the best!

While ripping up the floor of the old shed I found an old ball and Pounie aka my sidekick grabbed it spent the afternoon having us the throw ball and then she would run like mad to catch it!  It was hilarious to watch, as she jumped and growled at the old ball.

Seed catalogs have been ordered....


Aline said...

Yay! Poonie gets a little crazy with balls...fair warning!
Your yard looks great.
Will be fun to watch the progress through blog eyes.
You should take a picture of Cedric for your sidebar his gorgeous! ;)

Matron said...

A good time was had by all! There is something really therapeutic in hard physical work clearing up the garden!